Autumn Decorations: 10 Must-have Pieces To Add To Your Collection

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Pumpkin season is here, again!

Goodbye Summer; hello Fall!

If you haven’t already started, now is the time to decorate for fall.

Do you want to get your home fall-ready, but can’t seem to find the right fall decor ideas to inspire you?

How about fall accessories? Do you have those covered?

If not, then you’re in luck. I’ve rounded up my favorite fall finds this year and a direct link to where you can get them yourselves.

And guess what? If you’re decorating on a budget this year, these inexpensive fall decorations are the perfect picks for you and your home.

Whether you end up spending 5 dollars or 100 dollars, no one will ever know—unless you spill the beans. Plus, to be blunt, it’s nobody’s business!

After all, decorating for the holidays should be about comfort, beauty, and making the most of what you love; and not how much money you can afford to spend.


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One of the best perks of Autumn is being able to create a serene and cozy space that you and your families will love and cherish; a safe haven if you will.

Even if you don’t live in the U.S. but you’d love to join in on the fun, I hope these Autumn decorations inspire your home decor.


Get These Beautiful Fall Decorations For The Home: Your Guests Will Fall Inlove!


Are you decorating your home this Fall? Here are 10 must-have Amazon inexpensive Fall decor finds to help make your Autumn Decorations more festive


Fall Throw Pillows & Pillow Covers


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Throw pillows are practically holiday essentials!

Throw pillows and covers with designs such as pumpkin patterns, or fall-inspired wording, work great for your fall home decor.

They are a simple and extremely cute way to update your fall decor.

Already have a pillow? Why not get a festive pillow cover to dress them up?

What’s great about it is that using pillow covers are great for quickly changing out your fall decorations when the season ends. Just pop them in the washer and safely tuck them away until next year!

You can reuse the pillow inserts in your home under normal circumstances, or even for decorating for the other holidays.


Do you have an 18×18″ pillow that needs a cover? Check out this one.

It’s super cute, very soft and comfortable (for being a burlap type of fabric), isn’t super heavy nor lined, and I must say: it’s great quality at an affordable price!

And hear this: it doesn’t shrink; even when machine-washed. Talk about a dream pillow cover.

Perfect for fall: whether you want to put it on your front porch, living room couch, or on your bed!


Bring In The Pumpkins


It’s not called “Pumpkin season” for no reason!

Add the perfect festive fall touches to your home decor with pumpkins. Pumpkins are not only the most primitive fall decor ideas, but they are also very pleasing to the eye.

Gimme all things fall: pumpkins, bonfires, S’mores, hayrides, corn mazes, and everything pumpkin spice!

Can’t go to the pumpkin patch this year?

Why not bring the pumpkin patch home!

With these decorative pumpkins, you can set up your own pumpkin patch in your backyard, living room, or on your front porch!

Here are some of my favorite pumpkin picks:


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This product is made up of 12 simulation pumpkins made of premium foam that look just like something freshly picked from the field. It also comes bearing 30 pieces of silk Maple leaves that are equally vivid and beautiful.

Super cute for a wreath or just as a decoration around the house.

Randomly scatter these pumpkins and Maple leaves on a table, or on your front steps, or place them at the corner of your house to create a fall-tastic display.

Better yet, mix them with some white pumpkins and marvel at the outcome.

Not a fan of orange? You can paint them to match your theme!

If you are looking for smaller faux pumpkins that are inexpensive but still great quality, then these DEFINITELY fit the bill!

The only thing that sucks about this set is that it doesn’t come with the basket! But, I can live with that!


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This small black-and-white stripe decorative pumpkin is the perfect accent for your fall decor.

Its fun, classic, and absolutely gorgeous design makes it the ideal centerpiece.

Turn your room into an autumnal wonderland with one or two of these by dressing up the fireplace mantel, bathroom shelf, entryway table, or simply enjoy the chance to mix and match to create a design that is uniquely yours.


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This amazing pick doubles as a pumpkin, a decorative LED candle, and a lantern; did someone say TRIPPLE THREAT?

Its glass-like appearance is elegant and chic.

Inviting friends and family over for Thanksgiving?

Use this pumpkin to decorate your dining table. Your guests will definitely be impressed.

Halloween coming up? Add it to your little one’s pumpkin patch costume!




Swap out your candle scents and light up these amazing pumpkin-scented candles. Why stick to the usual rosemary and lavender, when you can literally fill the air with pumpkin spice and everything nice!?

Candles are almost always fun, beautiful, and easy ways to style a fall mantel/fireplace, dinner table, bedside table, or built-in tub.


La Jolie Muse Scented Candles are some of the best scents you can find this Fall! You can find various collections of La Jolie Muse Candles on Amazon

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One whiff of this cinnamon and pumpkin scent will make you want to nestle by the cozy fireplace and relax this fall season.

The containers are super cute, too!

It’s the perfect addition to your Fall (or Christmas) decor.

Get it now.


Festive Wall Art


Hang a piece of fall on your walls with these beautifully festive wall art.


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Welcome your guests in a warm and loving way with this rustic wall sign during the fall harvest and Thanksgiving season—add a festive touch and spruce up your home with a vintage, primitive, countryside charm.


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This vintage wooden sign adds an eye-catching accent to your home.

Stylish, practical, and decorative—it is a great piece for your living room, dining room, bedroom, garden, or just about any area of your home.

You can choose to leave the bow as is, or remove it if you feel it takes away from the decoration.

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If you have a farmhouse theme, then this distressed “Gather” sign is the perfect addition.


Throw Blankets


There’s absolutely no time limit on cozy throw blankets.

Now that the weather is changing, Fall is about bringing on the cozy, and what better way to do so than with these beautiful, ultra-comfortable throw blankets.


Harvest Decorations


A revere to the 2007 cult classic film: Trick R Treat.

If you’re a big fan, this piece of collectible may be the perfect addition to your home.


Trick R Treat Sam Figure

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What a gorgeous piece of Halloween decor these cute Scandinavian Gnomes make!

Whether you want to set these on your fireplace, hutch, bookshelf, on your tiered tray, or in your children’s room, they’ll surely lend a touch of whimsy to your holiday season.


Colorful Accents


Mix and match pillows, home accents, baskets, pumpkins, and all other Autumn decorations in a variety of seasonal colors; who’s ever said fall had to be tied-down to orange and browns?

Let us strive to find a balance.



Bring a piece of Fall into your bathroom!

A stylish pattern like this one invokes a feeling of calm and coordinates effortlessly with your surrounding Autumn decorations.

Transform any bath into an elegant spa-like oasis with this awe-mazing shower curtain.


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Rustic golden accent mirror

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Have you been looking for a rustic gold mirror for your bathroom, living room, vanity, fireplace mantel, or to fill that awkward empty wall space in your entryway; since forever?

Well, look no further than this accent mirror right here!

Its classy thin gold circle mirror frame lends an aesthetically pleasing accent to any room it’s hung in and easily matches any decor: country, industrial, farmhouse, modern, or rustic style homes.

Simple, clean, modern, sleek-sophisticated are some of the first words that come to mind.



Small rustic ceramic vase set

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Add some rustic farmhouse vibe to your kitchen, bathroom, entryway, or home office with these 3 petite distressed ceramic vases for your fresh/faux floral arrangements and greenery.

Their colorful design makes them great centerpieces (also available in distressed white, red, and gray) and adds a splash of color where lacking.

You can even combine them with other vases of similar make to bring the holiday warmth and a welcoming appeal to your home.


Festive Mugs & Other Fall Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Replace your BORING white mugs with these stylish babies to commemorate this fall season!


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If it involves Fall, football, and pumpkin spice lattes…count me in!

You’ve got that right!

Name a better way to enjoy the game than with a cute cup filled with a deliciously warm beverage of choice.

I’ll wait!

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Even though I would love to scream it from the rooftop, I’ll just let my mug tell you, instead. 🙂



Pumpkin spice mugBuy It On Amazon


Pumpkin spice and everything is what Fall is truly about.



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If you, your partner, parents, grandparents, or even the kids love to cook, this time of year, then this is something for you to grab fast.

I’ll just leave it right here. You’re welcome.


Garlands, Wreaths & Crisp Fall Leaves


Sprinkle a little bit of fall all over your home!

Fall is the perfect time to reflect and embrace change; the scorching summer heat is left behind and in its place blows the cool autumn breeze, and falling crisp leaves replace the blooming green foliage of spring.

We stan!

A dazzling display of golden brown or crimson leaves is one of the defining elements of Autumn.

Decorate your table (for Thanksgiving), vases, bowls, candle-scapes, or floral arrangements with this beautiful assortment of artificial leaves.

Don’t feel like that’s enough?

Make a statement this Fall-Winter season with a beautiful wreath.


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The Appalachian Berry Wreath, for example, is an elegant handcrafted wreath that has all the components of fall: rich colors and a range of foliage and berries make it a sure enhancement for your front door, mantel, or window.

Perfect for you if you have a more primitive style of decor.

Not only is this wreath beautiful, but it comes with a cute little box that you can use to store your wreath when the season is over—can be used year after year.

You’d have to resist the temptation to keep it up all year round, though!


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This is another amazing pick.

If you’re looking for a large fall wreath with extra pops of color, this wreath is for you!

The Montgomery Hollow Wreath is the reason to say “goodbye” to your old, skimpy, flimsy Fall wreaths and give your front door the makeover it truly deserves.

Make your front door stand out this harvest season; display all Fall season long, through Halloween and into Thanksgiving!


Fall-inspired Rugs


Your floors matter, too!

Check out these collections and choose the ones you love the most.


Happy Fall, Y’All!


In parting, I must encourage, and hope, that as we retreat indoors to focus on creating a safe and comfortable space, that this season allows us to reconnect with ourselves, our families, and the things we love the most.

I also hope that these autumn decorations ideas were enough to get your creative juices flowing, and get you in the mood for decorating your home this fall!

While you’re in the mood to decorate, why not get a head-start on your Christmas decor? Here are 12 Christmas Decorating Ideas to help you.


Autumn Decorations: 10 Must-have Pieces To Add To Your Collection

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