Best Christmas Decorating Ideas 2020: To Help Spread The Holiday Cheer!

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Decorating your home for the festive holiday takes a lot more than simply adding a few ornaments and string lights to your Christmas tree and calling it a night (or day).

There are so many other areas to zero in on: from your mantel, windows and doors, furniture, curtains, and accessories, to even your shelves —everything has a part to play in tying the design together.

Leave no stones unturned.

Sprinkle a bit of deco dust on every spot to truly bring your home to life and make it holiday-ready.

Wondering how to decorate your house for Christmas, this year?

Continue reading to get 12 doable Christmas decorating ideas that will help you spread the Christmas cheer, and get into the holiday spirit despite circumstances (*cough*…*cough*) beyond our control.


Christmas Decorating Ideas 2020: No Different From Any Other Year


Christmas is truly one of the most wonderful times of the year; and this year shouldn’t be any less.

Now more than ever, it’s important to find extra reasons to make you and your loved ones smile.

Whether it’s through gifting someone special or transforming your home into the most festive space you can think of, this Christmas season should be all about lifting spirits and being comfortable.

Though virtually impossible for me to predict what this year’s holiday season has in store for us, I am pretty confident that our creativity will reign victorious, and what better way to let it shine than through decor.

I love to be inspired as much as I love to inspire others. So, that’s why I’ve rounded up these Christmas decorations ideas to help you make your decorating job a bit easier.

Feel free to steal ideas from each one and add your own twist to them.


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1. Add Greenery & Natural Elements


Fresh greenery brings the spirit of Christmas. Whether it's your wreath, garland, or tree, the smell of fresh pine can bring on the holiday cheer and lift your spirits! Find out how you can add greenery to your decor this Christmas.
Photo: @hipandhumblestyle/Instagram


This is the perfect opportunity to go back to your roots.

Give your room a rustic/boho touch with hanging plants and natural elements like raw wood, pinecones, acorns, berries (can be frosted), and pieces of evergreen branches.

Decorate your mantel or fireplace, staircases, windows, and doors, by draping garlands made of flowers (Poinsettias, or Hydrangeas) and dried or green foliage growing right in your backyard. Add a rustic wreath to top it off.

Depending on your theme, or the look you’re going for, you can complement your decor with artificial plants.

You can even turn a corner of your room into your very own winter wonderland by opting for a flocked Christmas tree over a real one.

You may not live in a log cabin, in the hills, but there’s no harm playing pretend.



2. Keep It Cozy With Texture


Texture adds dimension to a room. It appeals to our senses -- both visual and tactile -- which makes the room interesting. You can add texture on the floor with a rug, on the walls with a paint finish or a piece of art, in the room with a carved wooden table or a stone fireplace, and anywhere you use fabrics.
Photo: @christmaslove247/Instagram


Winter days call for snuggling up with a cup of hot cocoa under a warm blanket while enjoying a nice book, or binge-watching Christmas movie marathons with the fam.

Add warmth to your decor with knitted throws, festive wallpapers, natural linen curtains, plush rugs made from wool or faux fur, accents made from wicker, rattan, weave, quilt, or any textured material to double-down on coziness.

Get something like this Pom pom throw blanket for a design you’ll feel comfortable showing off!

If winter for you is generally warm, and the weather allows, take your dining outdoors.

Set up a cute wicker table, add a few chairs, some knitted placemats, a tablecloth, and a textured blanket, and call it a day. Invite your family and/or a small group of close friends to enjoy the cozy outdoor festivities with you!

Don’t forget to stay safe! 



3. Go Personal With Stockings


Christmas stockings hung low on your mantel, fireplace, staircases or over your window is one Christmas decorating tradition that is hard to forgo.
Photo: @thechristmascartau/Instagram


Hanging stockings above the mantel/fireplace has been one Christmas tradition that many look forward to each year—especially the kids.

Not only does it hold all the goodies, but it’s an effortless way to add personality to your Christmas decor.

This year, show your family you appreciate all the hard work they’ve done to help you prepare for the day by putting a little extra something in their own personal stockings!

It is more than what’s in the stocking that matters, though.

This Christmas, the little things will matter more than they usually do; like adding a nametag or embroidery of their name, or getting stockings in their favorite colors!

As a bonus, Santa will know which stocking is whose.

While you’re at it, find some more strategic places to add some extra stockings. Here are a few places you can add stockings; especially if you don’t have a mantel:

  • On the railing of your staircase(s).


  • From your garland, using ornament hooks.


  • From a plaque with hooks, or with plain adhesive hooks stuck to your walls.


  • Bookcases are also ideal spots to hang your Christmas stockings.



  • On your door, or over your windows (or on the ledge)


  • From your furniture.


After all, it doesn’t matter where you hang your stockings, come Christmas morning they’ll all be brimming with goodies.

Imagine how cute these fur Christmas stockings would look hanging inside your home.


Add A Hand-made Touch


Why stress over spending huge sums of money on Christmas decorations when you can make them yourselves. Adding a handmade touch to your decorate is fun and nostalgic!
Photo: @rosieplumpton/Instagram


This Christmas season, more than ever, calls for us to get creative.

Flaunt your creativity and flex those crafting muscles by making your own DIY decorations.

Think wreaths, garlands, coasters, floral arrangements, Christmas ornaments, centerpieces, crotchet throws, Christmas stockings and mittens, placemats, gingerbread houses, wall hangings…you can even make your own Christmas tree!

Making your own decorations is a great way to save on extra dollars, plus add a personal touch to your home design.

Do the same for Christmas gifts.

Homemade gifts are cheaper on your pockets and add a personal /sentimental/intimate appeal. Drop-in a handwritten note to seal the deal.

Effort counts, as they say.



5. Make It Colorful With Citrus & Tie-dye


Who says you have to decorate with ONLY traditional Christmas colors: red, wite and green? This Christmas, incorporate some bold colors into your decor with tie-dyes and Citrus elements. These are beautfil, eye-catching and makes a statement. There is no wrong or right to colors on Christmas.
Photo: @dunbarroad/Instagram


Make a bold statement this Christmas by incorporating citrus and tie-dye into your decor.

The delicious pops of color are lively and fresh and a much-appreciated change from the usual plain red, white, and green.

Instead, think zesty lemons, fierce neons, elegant turquoise, chic pink, cute kumquats, and “citrusy” oranges.

Since these are not the classical Christmas colors, they can be used year-round.

Pretty and practical= win-win!


6. Hang A Few Festive Wall Arts & Signs


Celebrate a rustic Christmas with this beautiful farmhouse sign. A sure way to make a statement.
Photo: @seasons_falling/Instagram


Christmas banners are the craze right now!

Hang a few snowflake ornaments, maybe some stars (wooden, paper, or metal accents), some reindeer cutouts, a few Christmas motifs and we’ve got something going.

Celebrating Christmas in the country? Add a rustic sign to cement the farmhouse vibe.

A gallery wall made of customized Christmas cards is another unique way to add a stylish yet personal touch.

If you’re a sucker for bling-bling or things of the magical variety, check out this beautiful pair of rustic wall sconces with built-in led lights and hydrangeas in mason jars.


7. Transform A Corner Of Your Room Into The North Pole


Miniature toy houses covered in snow and decorated with Christmas lights, trees, and pinecones to create the perfect holiday display
Photo: @imstreck/Instagram


If you have kids, they’ll surely get a kick out of this.

Imagine having a snowy display featuring little elf houses, reindeer, and a Santa slay perched on a bed of “fake” snow right in your living room!

If you’re committed, you could even hang a curtain of “twinkle” lights to represent the northern lights and really set the look.

Say you aren’t big on Christmas decorations, this little corner is good enough to be the focal point of your entire holiday decor.

Your imagination is your only limit.



8. Light Up Your World With Lanterns & Candles


Cozy up your Christmas decorations with lovely candlelights and lanterns.
Photo: @thewalfordhome/Instagram


Can you really decorate for Christmas without Christmas lights?

From twinkle lights to candles and lanterns, beautiful lighting is the epitome of a traditional Christmas aesthetic.

There’s nothing more warming than adding some mood lighting to your home during the festive period.

Lanterns, in particular, are not only functional pieces of lighting, but they also stand out in any room; especially when lit.

If you have small kids or pets, but you’d love to add lanterns or candles to your decor, then opt for electronic types.

Electronic candles and lanterns are the safer bet to their equally beautifully lit counterparts as they come with the option of buying LED-powered ones instead of one with real flames.

Go extra festive with candleholders, add some accessories to your lanterns and pair them with other elegant centerpieces to make a statement.

Set the right tone and mood by lighting a few candles to add a glowy ambiance to any room.

Mix in a couple of scented candles and fill the air with the smell of Christmas.


9. Substitute Your Christmas Tree With A Spruce Bush


Forgo a regular Christmas tree with a small potted spruce to save o space this year.
Photo: @mylongislandhouse/Instagram


Don’t worry if you don’t have the space for a Christmas tree this year; not even an extra small one.

2020 is the year of change and unexpected surprises; some pleasant yet some not so much.

A beautifully decorated spruce bush instead of the traditional Christmas tree is one such change we’re pleased to see.

If you’re going for the Christmas tree look, without an actual Christmas tree, you can add some string lights, decorate it with a few ornaments, some garland, and add a tree topper just the same.


10. Make Use Of Extra Ornaments


A tree can only hold so many ornaments and no more.

Between newly bought ones and those from last year, and the year before that, we’re likely to have a few leftovers.

Don’t tuck them away just yet.

Instead, hang the extras above your fireplace (on the mantel), below your TV, or in cute ceramic bowls placed in strategic locations around the house.



11. Advent Calendars


Count down the days 'til Christmas with this festive advent calendar
Photo: @jessicajeanwalters/Instagram


This is a popular trend that seems to be growing on me.

If you love counting down the days ’til Christmas, as much as I do, an advent calendar is definitely a must-have.

Add your own flavor with a DIY version that’s equally cute and practical!


12. Build A Cozy Nook


If you have the extra space, why not transform an area of your home into a cozy reading nook?

Haul in the camping tent, or clear out the storage beneath the staircase and decorate it with string lights, a few comfy rugs, and pillows to make it look “Christmasy”.

Your new nook can double as a fort, for the kids, by day, and a reading nook for Christmas bedtime stories at night. And after hours, it can serve as an adult chill spot for sipping wine and eating cheese.



Wrapping Up!


I hope these Christmas decorating ideas 2020 style was enough to get your blood pumping and your creative juices flowing.

It may feel like there’s plenty of time left before Christmas, but I encourage you to get an early start, on shopping for new decor at least, before the Christmas rush.

This year, I’m personally planning ahead for the holidays in the event that there is another catastrophe waiting around the bend (God forbids!) and we have to get creative (the hubs and I).

Before I go, though, let me ask, is there a “too early” to start decorating for Christmas?

At what time of year do you typically do so?

Inspire Others!

17 thoughts on “Best Christmas Decorating Ideas 2020: To Help Spread The Holiday Cheer!”

  1. I love your Christmas settings and decor! Such great ideas and I love the lanterns and candles. They made me feel the Christmas spirit, which is something we all need with all that is going on in 2020. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Christmas is my favorite time of year and I start decorating (in my head with plans) by early September but none of it actually gets setup until December 1st. I change my theme annually and have done candyland, black and white, and the Grinch in recent years. Every year, there is some handmade element added in, it just wouldn’t feel right without at least one.

    1. I know right— having something handmade is just such a fitting way to add some of your personality to your decor.

      I hope this post inspired (even a little) to try something new this year!

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