DIY Platform Bed Plans: How To Make A Platform Bed Frame

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If you’ve ever wanted to know how to make a platform bed frame by yourself then you’ve certainly struck gold with this comprehensive list of DIY platform bed plans.

Platform beds are one of those few home decor trends for 2020 that just might make it to 2021 and beyond.

Simple Platform Bed Plans: Wooden platform bed layered in crisp white sheets and matching white side table with wooden base                                                                                                         

They are a great option for any home decor styles: modern/contemporary, rustic, farmhouse, chic, minimalist, or bohemian home decor, as they lend a low profile to your bed and enhances the stability, support, and thus the comfort of your mattress.

Platform beds also work well with almost all mattress types.


So, make sure you consult with your mattress manufacturing company before you invest.

Just a note here though, if you are troubled with knee or back pains, then you should most likely strongly consider another option as these types of bed frames, due to how low they are, can make it difficult to get in and out of bed.


I know they look so modern and sophisticated but you must do what’s best for your health.

The choice is always yours though. *wink*

Another advantage of having a platform bed is for storage convenience.

The fact that many platform bed designs come paired with extra storage features (you know those built-in drawers that we love seeing) is a major plus, especially if you’re working with limited space.

Simple platform bed frames can also be a cheaper type of bedding when compared to other traditional forms like boxspring, for example.

Is it only me or don’t we all love to save a few dollars on home decor and essential pieces of furniture? (Especially when we aren’t deadset on a particular theme.)

So, that’s why although they are already relatively affordable when bought in-store, I personally think the best bet for saving those valuable pennies is to make your own platform bed frame.

If you’re a sucker for DIY, or just cannot resist a challenge, or if you don’t have the slightest idea where to start even if you wanted to, but your penny-pinching inner self is just pushing you to learn how then continue reading for my guide to building your own bed.


Test your DIY skills with one or more of these free platform bed plans, and add a charming appeal to your bedroom; while saving a few bucks as you go.


Haven’t lifted a nail gun or measuring tape in your life!?

Don’t worry.

Many of these featured builders go beyond providing simple bed frame plans by offering step-by-step instructions (with supporting diagrams and pictures of the finished product); taking you from the tools, and materials you’ll need to even cost-efficient alternatives for adding your finishing touches.

These platform bed frame plans are great for you whether you are a total beginner trying to save some money on a bed you wish you had but can’t necessarily afford at the moment, someone who’ve dabbled in woodworks before, or a DIY junkie looking for your next big project to tackle.

Since you’re interested in knowing how to build your own platform bed frame, here are 6 plans to inspire your next project.


#1 DIY Platform Bed For Under $200


Grey stained canopy-style DIY Platform bed


If you love the look of a canopy bed for your home, then this DIY platform bed by One Big Happy via Instructables may be your best guide.

Someone commented that this was probably the best DIY four-post bed that he’s have ever seen and I must say I agree.

I’m a total woodworking newbie and I love how simple and easy-to-follow the instructions were while staying true to the favored comprehensiveness.

It takes you through wood prep, to cutting, to sanding, to assembly, right up to finishing; all within a few “put-together” steps.

Get the Free Plan Here.


#2 DIY Pottery Barn Platform Bed


Pottery Barn Platform Bed For Less Than $500: Queen platform bed with storage drawers


By the Doityourselfdivas

Have you ever wanted that one platform bed (with storage) so much so that it feels like your back is aching just thinking about it?

You’d do anything for one night of comfortable sleep (and some extra space to store all the junk you have hidden in your room), but your wallet and all the Pottery Barn coupons in the world won’t allow you to rest easy and sleep great!

We can’t all afford Pottery Barn home decor. That’s a fact.


What if you could make your very own Pottery Barned Inspired DIY platform bed?

Well, you can: with this Free Pottery Barn DIY platform bed plan by the amazing Doityourselfdivas.

This duo takes you through building your own DIY queen platform bed frame (and Kingsize, too) with a series of breakdown posts outlining exactly what you need to do and the things you’ll need to do it.

If you follow the steps provided to a T, you can be left with your very own DIY Pottery Barn Knock-off bed. Add some studio pillows like they did to boost your room’s design appeal.

And guess what, if you do a good job at this, chances are no one will be able to tell!

So, you’ll likely end up saving a few hard-earned dollars while keeping your room tidy and organized, plus staying true to modern form and function.

Don’t have room for a closet or dresser in your small bedroom apartment? If you manage to master how to make a platform bed with storage, then you are in luck. After all, with a versatile piece of furniture like this, who needs a dresser, right!?

Want to know the best part about this project? It cost about $500 to make (depending on where you live and how easy it is to access supplies)—which in itself is already way cheaper than buying the actual bed from Pottery Barn.


#3 DIY Live Edge Platform Bed


DIY Live Edge Wood Platform Bed Paired with green accent wall and decorated with comfy area rug and indoor plant to make a cozy bedroom design                                                                        Photo: The Merry Thought


Some things are simply better in bed: From midnight snacking to catching up on emails (for us busy blog-preneurs), to binge-watching your favorite movie marathons or “in-season” TV shows (and a few other couple-y activities I can think of).

Since our beds are the bearers of such crucial activities (my beloved sleep is a top priority), it makes sense that it is not only cute, but functional: comfy, sturdy, big-enough, and matches with your decor. This platform bed frame with legs and topped off with a live-edge headboard is a prime example.

A live edge headboard would be perfect for your space if you are a fan of the outdoors and are looking to add a slightly rustic vibe to your room.

It is also great for teenagers, small kids, or petite adults. And since it has legs, it may not be as low as some other types of platform beds.

Pair it with a bold accent wall like Manda from The Merry Thought did to enhance the look and feel of your room.

If the lighter color doesn’t blend well with your bedroom decor, you can always use stain to level up.

Learn how to build a platform bed frame with legs, here.


#4 DIY Upholstered Platform Bed For Toddlers


If you are looking to change out your child’s bed or looking to make the transition from crib to bed, then this simple DIY project may appeal to you.

DIY Toddler Bed Plans: Learn how to build your own bed for a toddler or small child.
Photo courtesy of

Kids are expensive; I know. And furniture for their rooms is no less; especially when multiplied.

We nitpick everything: second-guessing how safe it will be for our kids, if it is worth the price (why is such a small bed so darn expensive, anyway!?), will it blend well with the decor in our child’s room, will our kids actually want to sleep in it!?


We also know how hard it may be to find cute beds for toddlers that fit the description perfectly and won’t cause a dent in our pockets.

That’s why I recommend that if you absolutely can’t find one that you like that isn’t too expensive, you make one on your own. You’d be surprised at how reasonable it is to do so, and with a few really easy-to-follow DIY toddler bed plans, it won’t be too difficult to do, either.

Take Gabby from Design Moms, for example. She was able to make her own DIY toddler beds (two of them!) for less than $100. Can you believe it?

The best part is that she laid out step-by-step instructions that anyone can follow to create their own simple design for an upholstered platform bed that’s equally adorable and fit for your tiny tots.

Design it with a few extra padding (for added protection) plus some of your child’s favorite stuffed animals, colors, or sheets with cartoon characters that they love to ease them into actually wanting to sleep in the bed (instead of yours).

Because it is an upholstered bed, it may take some time to get the fabric padding right, but if you have patience and can work your way around a drill (Or get hubby to do it for you. Wink), you should be good. Otherwise, it’s a simple build for a DIY platform toddler bed.

In the plan, you’ll get a list of supplies you’ll need, and directions to follow, plus a few photos of the finished product to inspire you. Making a toddler bed has never been easier.

Go ahead and build your own toddler bed with this free platform bed plan.


#5 Sturdy Reclaimed Wood Platform Bed Frame


Wood platform bed frames made from reclaimed wood


Why buy a bed, when you can literally build one by yourself, right?

That’s the Motto of a true DIY-er.

If you’re looking for a cost-efficient way to build your own beautiful platform bed then I’d say go reclaimed wood all the way!

We’ve probably seen countless DIYs with our DIYers making a table from reclaimed wood, but did you know that you could make your own reclaimed wood platform bed frame?

Yes, you can.  We live and we learn. You’re welcome.

Flipping pancakes is not the only fun pass time for homeowners (The DIY enthusiastic kind that is). We love to flip old furniture too!

If you have an old barn door you were planning on disposing of, or some pallets from that time long ago stashed away, why not flip those boards into your very own reclaimed wood bed frame? The wear and tear of the old lumber will certainly add a rustic touch. And, be honest, what’s nicer than a rustic wood bed frame? (I can think of a few things off the bat, but let’s play pretend, okay.)

If you’re interested in making your own wood bed without legs, try this project by Mr. Kate. The free bed frame plan included will guide you.

Wood platform bed frames add classic styling to the sturdy support that your mattress needs. Wood accents create a perfect modern-with-a-hint-of-rustic vibe for your bedroom.

Don’t you just love how he styled the finished product?

Here, look-see:

Stained reclaimed furniture for white bedroom                                                                                Photo Cred: Mr. Kate

Effortlessly inviting is an understatement.


#6: Super Simple Bed Frames (In Queen, Full, and Twin Sizes)


White Platform Bed: Super Simple DIY bed frame tutorial by Ana White


If you’re looking for a bed that’s simple, sturdy, inexpensive, and relatively easy to build, then this 2×4 framed bed by Ana White may inspire your next DIY furniture project.

She takes you step-by-step through all you need to know: including the tools, supplies, and the expected timeframe for completion.

I could see myself making (or buying) a bed like this. It’s simple, sleek, and ultra comfortable-looking.

Just my taste.

As usual, Ana did a good job with this make for her niece. And for a build that was “masterminded” within 24 hours, I am impressed.

If you’d love to get the how-to to building your own do-it-yourself platform bed like this one, then here’s the plan.


To Wrap Up The List


OK, so we’ve covered 6 Simple DIY Platform Bed Plans that will allow you to build your own platform bed frame: whether you’re looking to build a platform bed with legs, an upholstered bed with a look that screams traditional comfort, a bed for your toddler’s room, a Queen platform bed with storage drawers, recreate your own Pottery Barn knock-off bed, or you simply want to make a bed that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

I hope these ideas inspired you, and that you at least found one of the aforementioned free platform bed frame plans helpful.

If you still haven’t connected with any of those above, here are a few others you may want to try out (from raised platform bed plans to pallet beds; these free guides will have you covered):

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White Pallet Platform Bed


DIY Platform Bed Plans: How To Make A Platform Bed Frame


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