9 Small Home Office Design Ideas To Transform Your Space From Drab To FAB!

9 Modern Home Office Design Ideas To Inspire Your Next Decorating Project

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The home has become a safe haven for many in recent times; a place to relax, craft, write, study, quarantine, and for some of us, it has even become our new workplace.

Never did we ever think that our lives would change so drastically and in such a short period of time; however, it appears we still have major milestones laying ahead of us.

As we look to the future and the likelihood of continuing to work from home as a part of our new reality, why don’t we focus on creating that gorgeous and functional space we’d love to be in?


 9 Best Home Office Design Ideas That Will Add Style To Your Space + Inspire You To Work


Does your home office seem dull and uncomfortable? Do you find yourself annoyed with the environment that you’ve been “forced” to work in?

Having to work from home can be a challenge; especially when the workspace does absolutely nothing to improve your mood, inspire creativity, or boost productivity.

This, unfortunately, is the situation for most of us (whether we knew it or not), but with a few simple home office design ideas and extra organization tips, plus a few hours of dedicated time, we can turn your drab office into a space with a beautiful, functional, and modern office design.

In order to be productive, our workspaces must be completely customized to suit our needs and comfort level.

Here, I’ve compiled a list of 9 of the best home office decorating ideas that will add style to your space, plus get your creative juices flowing, and ultimately boost productivity by inspiring you to work more!

It doesn’t matter whether you have an entire room to yourself, or just a small corner to spare, these amazing home office decor ideas are bound to leave you feeling inspired.


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1. Go Ham With Wallpaper


Covering your walls with wallpaper (patterns, floral, earthy, plaid, metallic—or any design, for that matter) is a great way to sprinkle your space with personality, and add some character to your wall without taking up too much space.

This can be an alternative to paint and is a wee bit more versatile.

You can work on the beach or even in the jungle without stepping a foot outside your door. Or add some texture to your bare walls with vinyl wallpaper as seen in this photo by @wallrepublic


Heighten the look and feel of your walls with textured vinyl wallpaper. Simplest home office decorating tip in the book.
Photo: @Wallrepublic/Instagram


If you are short on space to go nuts with decor, then covering your walls with wallpaper is certainly an affordable way to go about refreshing your workspace. It just might be the facelift your room needed!


PRO TIP: Get a hard plastic wallpaper smoother and some really sharp blades (X-Acto knife) for trimming the edges. Guaranteed to make your life easier!


2. Add A Floating Shelf Or Two


Installing a few floating shelves around the office space is a simple yet effective way to free up ground space while adding character to your walls. Their compact design provides the opportunity to decorate without taking up too much space.

And, they are pretty easy to install, too!

What you decide to do with them once installed is up to you: Whether you wish to use them for storing gadgets, books, plants (live or artificial), photos, art, memorabilia, or other accessories.

Add a touch of modern, plus expand your office space, today, by adding your own floating wooden shelves to fill those empty walls.

There are so many designs to choose from: from BAYKA floating shelves to Greenco, to Melannco, to ClosetMaid.

Don’t worry, if you aren’t that creative to go DIYing, you can find some really nice ones pre-built and ready to hang on Amazon, Wayfair, Etsy, or at any local store like HomeDepot, Ikea, Best Buy or Target (if none of these stores are located near you, I’m pretty sure you can find these products at a local hardware or furniture store).


PRO TIP: Floating white shelves are neutral and sleek; bringing extra attention to the decor on and around them.

Depending on your theme, black floating wall shelves, or even dark wood are just as nice! Remember, the art is in the display—keep it to a minimum, organized, and tastefully arranged!


3. Use Galvanized Bins/ Wire Organizers


Galvanized storage shelves, galvanized storage racks, or galvanized wire shelves are versatile (can be used for storage or simply as decor), beautiful and trendy. Perfect additions to a small home office design.
Photo: @Spacesjamaica/Instagram

The use of galvanized metal storage bins is a pretty popular trend that has been dominating the interior decorating realm, and keeps growing in popularity; and you can see why it is commonly advocated by interior decorators and designers.

Installing wire shelving is another unique way to incorporate decor that is both functional (keeps your space clutter-free and organized) and beautiful.

Whether you prefer wire shelving bins, wire shelving racks, or even the adjustable wire shelving is dependent on you, your taste, and the intended purpose: Will it be used to store trash, stationery, and supplies, or just for decorative purposes, and the like?

You can keep it classic with just black wire shelves, or add a bit of flair with some paint!


4. Go Green With Greenery


Decorate your home office with purifying plants such as pothos, boston ferns and spider plants or snake plants
Photo: @Everydeco/Instagram


Breathe life into your office by adding a few live plants.

The color green is very pleasing to the eye and invokes a sense of renewal, refreshment, balance, and peace. A great way to introduce these positive qualities to your space, without having to paint your entire walls green, is through plants.


FUN FACT: Plants are said to lower stress levels and improve air quality; which makes them a perfect addition to a place where stress levels are bound to rise!


PRO TIP: When in doubt, add more plants. If you run out of horizontal space, go vertical! You can never have too many plants. Or can you?


5. Dress It Up With A Coat Of Paint


There is so much life in a can of paint!

If you’re not someone who is particular about wallpaper, then opting for a good paint color to beautify your walls is the way to go.

Choosing the right color paint to dress your office walls can go a far way in transforming the look and feel of your space.

Choose shades that are exciting without being overwhelming (like blue or yellow).

Or keep it neutral, with pops of color, to keep the room feeling fresh and invigorating.

You can even go with more pastel colors if you are looking to lend a more delicate feel to your design.

Darker shades like black or dark grays are perfect for creating a moodier, more formal, and intimate atmosphere.


PRO TIP: When in doubt, paint it white!


The color you eventually decide on is dependent on you and your theme. Always remember to go with what YOU like.

Most of us don’t possess the time, money, or even the inclination to keep changing things, so it’s better to get it right (or at least very close) the first time—definitely no pressure though (wink).


6. Add Texture


Chandeliers/light fixtures, accents (metallic, wood, wrought-iron), rugs, curtains/blinds (textiles), and upholstery, are great ways to add texture to your space.


A brown and creme themed office with matching leather chair, a beautiful oak desk and a gorgeous plush sheep skin rug to tie off the jaw-dropping design.
Photo: Ansley_interiors_atlanta/Instagram


Use large area rugs to add some texture to your floors, as seen in this design by Instagrammer Ansley of ansley_interiors_atlanta which shows how an insanely beautiful brown and cream rug was used to tie in the entire office decor while adding character to the hardwood floor.

Isn’t it one of the nicest rugs you’ve ever seen?

Plus! I love how well it blended with the whole theme.

If you are working with an area too small for rugs, a woven ottoman and/or upholstered love seats with a few patterned cushions may also be considered.

Perhaps, a simple vase filled with dried stems (real or fake) placed on or beside your desk, or covering your desk with a pretty fabric runner can also do well for achieving some texture.


7. Encourage Natural Lighting


A beautifully feminine home office decks with stunning office decor with a mesmerizing glow cast by natural lighting
Photo: @Seansymington/Instagram


Your home office should reflect your style and personality, yet feel light, bright and inviting. One of the best ways to achieve this is through lighting; particularly natural lighting.

No matter the kind of work you do from home, proper lighting of your office space/ work area is key.

Natural lighting is so essential to design; it has the ability to create the perfect ambiance and is super incredible when captured in photos!

If our work includes the need for any form of visual representation (aka social media) then having a well-lit backdrop is A1.

Also, by increasing the flood of natural light into your room, you can easily create an oasis for your office plants that thrive in bright or even direct sunlight.

Opt for a cozy home office with large windows for the perfect amount of natural light.

If this is impossible to achieve, due to location (your room does not have a window—and it would be difficult to have one installed, or your office area is located at a position that gets the least amount of light), or climate/’not so sunny” weather conditions, then you can always substitute natural light with good artificial lighting by choosing beautiful light fixtures with LED lights that give the same effect.


8. Make A Statement With Art


A cozy small office with plants, cozy throws, vases, cushions, and inspirational art prints used to decorate the space to create a beautiful design
Photo: @Rachelkathleen13/Instagram


Could this really be a list of amazing home office design ideas without making mention of art?

Art is probably one of the easiest ways to make a statement.

Choose pieces of art that inspire you, are attractive, relatable, highlight your personality, or tells a story; or a combination.

Your office is your canvas and art is your voice; get as creative as you want.


PRO TIP:  You don’t have to subject yourself to hanging your artwork on the walls. Instead, try leaning them against the walls for a more laid-back effect.


9. Cozy Things Up


Comfort is always the number one goal in design, and the amount of cozy home office design ideas available all over the internet is a testament.

Undoubtedly, cozy space has its perks. And it’s no wonder we go to great lengths to achieve it.

Here are a few simple and easy ways you can add coziness to your space without going overboard (we wouldn’t want you to fall asleep at your desk after all!).

Home office must-haves:

    • Computer ✓
    • Telephone ✓
    • Small office desk ✓
    • Sturdy chair (rattan, wicker, and cane are all making a comeback!) ✓
    • Accent cushions ✓
    • Accents (wall hanging, light fixtures) ✓
    • Plush/textured area rugs ✓


Choose furniture and accessories that pull all the elements of your decor together nicely and cozy up your workspace.

Go for office desks and chairs that are not only sturdy but comfortable—as no one wants to work around a desk for hours that is plain uncomfortable, and just horrible for your overall health.

Your neck, feet, and back will love you for it.

Accent pieces are also a great touch to any space. They are stylish, colorful, chic, and full of character—the perfect statement pieces.

Bold accent chairs; paired with matching cushions and throws can enhance your room’s style and provide maximum comfort when lounging!

If you’ve ever walked on tiles or hardwood floors barefooted, then you must at least understand why investing in a quality area rug is more than a grand idea.

An area rug is not only perfect for protecting your feet, but it also protects your flooring from scratches caused by office furniture, or possible skid marks from the swivel chair that we all like to roll around the room in.

You don’t have to splurge big bucks on expensive furniture and accessories to be comfortable.

Choosing the right decor should always be about functionality, preference, and balance!


PRO TIP: Choose furniture and accessories that are durable (won’t need to be replaced often) and won’t cost you an arm and a leg when it’s time to switch them out.

Parting Words


Looking to beautify your small home office? Here are 9 stunning home office design ideas to inspire you! Whether you have a whole room for an office, or just a small nook, we all want to know that the place we're spending most of our time in is not only comfortable and convenient...but BEAUTIFUL! Here's how to transform your office space with a few simple tweaks...


There you have it, 9 simple yet innovative office solutions to inspire your next renovation.

Designing or remodeling your office space, especially when you have no idea what you’re doing, can be tedious and overwhelming as heck.

Ask me, I know!

But! It is also so much fun once you really get into it…and so fulfilling once every bits and piece are in place and you can just look at your work and say, “I did that!”

At the end of the day, not only will you have a beautifully organized and dedicated place to focus on work, but once your mind is at peace and you’re super comfortable you can get so much more done with less hassle.

While a slightly clutter-free area on your kitchen counter, or a laptop in bed (not the best option, by the way!) or on your dining room counter “technically” counts as a workspace, having a corner office or a whole room (with doors you can shut) is better for you in terms of creating a devoted area for work—without the distractions—and helping you to clearly define when it’s work time versus personal time.

We hope these home office decorating ideas were what you needed to get your creative juices flowing, or at least pointed you in the right direction.


Which ones made you say, “Yes, that’s a great idea!” or “I can do that!”

Let me know in the comments below!


9 Small Home Office Design Ideas To Transform Your Space From Drab To Fab!

Inspire Others!

38 thoughts on “9 Small Home Office Design Ideas To Transform Your Space From Drab To FAB!”

  1. You have totally inspired my home office design! I can’t do any of the wall treatments (wallpaper or paint) because I live in an apartment, but I can now envision a way to turn a corner of my studio apartment into an office to run my blog from. And a stylish one with natural lighting at that. I can’t wait to get started!

    1. And I can’t wait to see pics! Too bad you live in an apartment, as both paint and wallpaper-ing are great ways to really transform a place. But I bet you’d do great with any of the other suggestions. I can only imagine.

      Thanks for reading & commenting!

  2. Ooh I love the detail that the wire organizers give to a room. I never would have thought of that. Having fun with wallpaper is my favorite. It makes for easy cleanup and putting it up as well. I prefer that over painting a room. Thank you for sharing this xxx

    1. Painting is not a job for the faint-of-heart! (That’s why I leave the handy work to hubby)LOL. Wallpaper is a fun and versatile way to express yourself and bring character to your walls. Plus, you’re right: the cleanup process is MUCH less messy. I don’t even have to be the one painting to be covered specks.

      And don’t get me started on wire organizers. Talk about functional and beauty/style rolled into one mess container. Haha.

      Thanks for reading and taking your time out to leave a comment!

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you could gain even a fraction of inspiration. Congrats and good luck on your decision to upgrade. I’d love to see pics. Maybe, I could even feature some in the next blog post!

    1. Yes! That’s awesome, I’d love to see pics when you’re finished!

      P.S. Wallpaper is the way to go (more versatile and easier to apply than paint) if you can’t afford a painter or you’re just a mess at DIY painting jobs—MUCH HARDER TO DO THAN IT SEEMS. 🙂

    1. Yes! Natural lighting not only boosts your energy big time but what a glow-up (literally) it is for your space; makes it feel lighter and “airier” (is that a word?) Plus, if you have accents in gold or bronze or brass, can you imagine how beautiful it would look when the light reflects on them?

    1. Me too! If you’ve known me for a minute, you would’ve quickly realized that I love ALL things cozy. Little Miss Cozy is my nickname (JK. LOL). But textures, monochrome/ warm colors, and plants are the go-to elements for a cozy space. Always say yes to plants!

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting.

  3. I love floating shelves. I also like indoor plants, but I’m bad with watering them so they tend to die. But outdoor plants are my jam! I love these design tips. Thanks for sharing!

  4. We have a home office that has always been the dump everything room. Now working from home I’ve been slowly decluttering it! Thanks for the tips and ideas, hopefully I can do some of these over the long weekend!

    1. Yes! It makes sense that the space we go to create actually helps us be as creative as possible doesn’t it?

      I’m glad you found this inspiring.

      I love the wall and plant ideas, too!

  5. Beautiful design concepts in this article and the photos are gorgeous! Your colors, too, are soothing. I am working on designing my Euro apartment, I will definitely use this page as inspiration. Love it.

    1. Thank you! That’s what I love to hear!

      Go ahead and bookmark it, so you can refer back to it when needed. Also stay tuned as there’s plenty more awesome and inspiring content to come!

      Thanks for commenting.

  6. Great article! Everything you mentioned here is a great way to keep the work space at home tidy and neat! It will inspire us more to do our work. I’m not into wallpaper so painting is good.

  7. I really love your ideas. A retouch is indeed what my office needs right now. The combo of wood and metal is always something I wanted to try but didn’t have the courage.
    Thank you for sharing.

  8. These are such great ideas!!! I’ve had my eye on a damask wallpaper I might just give it a shot. Another Home office must-have is a beautiful arrangement of preserved roses! They brighten your space and cheer you up!

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